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ICSA Software is the world’s leading supplier of integrated solutions to help companies ensure compliance and demonstrate good governance through industry best practice around the globe.

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ICSA Software International is the world’s leading provider of entity management, compliance and corporate governance software. As the wholly owned software company of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (The ICSA), our Blueprint software has been powering the secretarial team and boardrooms for over 25 years. 

Global Presence 
Since its inception in the UK, ICSA Software has grown consistently year on year across the globe, demonstrating our commitment to match the footprint of our key clients. With thousands of users worldwide across every conceivable industry, our client-base features many of the largest companies in the world. 

Our Products 
Our products deliver a critical global resource for the corporate secretarial department and interrelated departments such as legal, tax, compliance, intellectual property, finance and human resources. 

Available in six different languages (English UK/US, French, German, Spanish, Malay, and Russian) across more than 60 countries, our software allows customers to store, track and report on their corporate records, often across many departments and jurisdictions. Drawing on the ICSA’s global network, we use local knowledge to ensure you remain compliant, wherever you do business. 

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United Kingdom
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North America / Europe
English / French
  1. Blueprint OneWorld for Entity Management (Specialty: Entity Management)

    Blueprint OneWorld is the world's leading global entity management and corporate governance software. Regardless of size, all organisations using Blueprint OneWorld can deliver compliance and demonstrate good governance through global industry best practices.

    BoardPad (Specialty: Board Management)

    BoardPad is the industry leading meeting and document collaboration solution that transforms directors’ devices into highly secure digital board and meeting packs. Accessible on an iPad and the Windows 8 platforms, with hosted and self-hosted options available, BoardPad delivers: • The right information • To the right people • In the right format In a highly secure environment, online or offline

    Blueprint OneWorld for Compliance (Specialty: Employee Compliance)

    Remain compliant with your statutory form filings and the latest legislative changes. We are constantly updating our software to ensure you remain compliant in the ever-changing compliance environment. Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) – easily record your insider lists and save significant time by automating the process of maintaining insider lists to remain compliant with MAR. FATCA – a sustainable, robust solution to FATCA compliance that will save time and money in the long-term. We ensure you have full control to remain compliant with FATCA. PSC – from 6 April 2016, the majority of UK companies are required to maintain a PSC Register (People with Significant Control). We deliver a fully integrated solution that will ensure you remain compliant with PSC. Senior Managers Regime and Certification Regime (SMCR) – a regulatory framework designed to strengthen the accountability of senior individuals working in the banking sector. Our solution provides a robust and clear framework to help you manage the first two components of the SMCR regulatory framework – the Senior Managers Regime and the Certification Regime.

    Blueprint OneWorld for Data Management (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Exchange and synchronise data to and from multiple systems in other departments or alongside your existing compliance system without having to change provider. Our data management solution ensures that all information and changes to it are accurately recorded and logged for later auditing or reporting purposes. It is a fully customisable and enables automated inbound and outbound data exchanges.

    Blueprint OneWorld for Document Management (Specialty: Document Management)

    Documents within Blueprint OneWorld can be securely attached to entities and made available only to users with the correct security credentials. Each document is given its own unique serial number for additional security. All documents are centrally managed with “check-in” and “check-out” processing and edit-only and read-only rights for each individual user. Access to these documents is also recorded in the audit trail. Blueprint DataSafe provides an armoured browser capability to add a further layer of security for documents.

    Blueprint OneWorld for Contract Management (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Consolidate all of your contract information across departments by creating a single source of data, customised to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. Blueprint OneWorld helps you manage your contracts and maintain visibility of key renewal dates. Blueprint OneWorld allows you to assign different levels of security, such as view and edit permissions, to different users to ensure sensitive contract information is kept safe and secure. Only users with the correct level of security can access contract information. System administrators can create contract report templates; users can also build their own contract reports. Export options include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF, where different layout and colour options can be applied.

    ReportIt with Blueprint OneWorld (Specialty: Analytics)

    Regardless of the size of an organisation, multiple users and departments rely on your corporate data. To maximise the use of your data it is vital that you can visualise it to enhance your reporting functionality needs. Blueprint’s ReportIt is an end-user reporting tool that allows users to easily and simply build, edit and customise reports on the corporate data that is held within Blueprint OneWorld. It provides users with easy-to-use functionality with minimal technical knowledge required to create reports and enable key stakeholders to make the necessary business decisions needed.

    Blueprint OneWorld for Conflicts Management (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    Blueprint OneWorld’s integrated conflicts management solution streamlines your directors’ conflict management.

    ChartIt with Blueprint OneWorld (Specialty: Entity Management)