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Exterro is the preferred provider of software specifically designed for in-house legal and IT teams at global 2000 organizations. Built on an open architecture platform, Exterro's e-discovery and information governance software integrates with existing IT, HR and legal systems to deliver complete visibility into all critical data required for managing information assets more efficiently.

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 Exterro, Inc. delivers the industry’s only workflow-driven e-discovery software suite. The company’s growth is fueled by a high demand for our enterprise-class solution that delivers process automation across the full EDRM spectrum. Built on an open architecture platform, Exterro Fusion® integrates with existing IT, HR and EDRM systems to deliver complete visibility into all critical data, as well as the flexibility to scale beyond e-discovery to encompass larger legal, compliance and information governance initiatives.

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North America / Europe
  1. Exterro Legal Hold (Specialty: Legal Hold)

    Empower your legal department with the automation, visibility and control needed for defensibly managing the legal hold process. The flagship of the Exterro E-Discovery Software Suite, Legal Hold delivers the widest range of scalability and configurations to meet the preservation needs of virtually any enterprise.

    Exterro eDiscovery Data Management (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Exterro eDiscovery Data Management delivers comprehensive data management capabilities to help enterprises control case outcomes and reduce e-discovery costs. Powered by advanced analytics, predictive technologies and the Exterro Fusion® Platform, Exterro E-Discovery Data Management enables legal teams to decisively change the course a matter by rapidly unearthing case facts and informing case strategy decisions before and after ESI collections.

    Exterro File Analysis (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Exterro File Analysis provides the critical foundation for enterprise information governance (IG) projects, such as server consolidation, legacy migration, sensitive content identification and defensible deletion by delivering key insights into unstructured data assets. Exterro File Analysis is designed to help IT, records management and legal teams reduce storage costs, enable appropriate privacy and security controls, empower more efficient use of information assets and add a defensible audit trail to all IG decisions.

    Exterro Data Mapping (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Empower your legal and IT teams with evergreen data maps that mirror your enterprise’s data assets as they evolve. The rich visualization and cross-functional collaboration framework in Exterro Data Mapping provides a structured inventory of the enterprise’s ESI, delivering real-time insights into critical information required for responding to legal and compliance obligations.

    Exterro Project Management (Specialty: Legal Project Management)

    Automate and take control of your organization’s e-discovery processes with the legal industry’s leading workflow-based, e-discovery project management. Exterro Project Management provides complete visibility into all e-discovery activities with documented audit trails and advanced reporting capabilities. With this advanced automation, legal teams can efficiently and defensibly manage e-discovery task details, timelines, deliverables and budgets from one centralized, intuitive web-based application.

    Exterro Employee Change Monitor (Specialty: Employee Compliance)

    Employee Change Monitor enables you to proactively take steps to mitigate risk associated with the change in any data field stored in your HR information system and shared with the Exterro Fusion Platform. For example, when an employee leaves your organization, a task can be issued to take a snapshot of her email box and backup her files, a system notification can be sent to alert Records Management of the change in employment status, and the employee can automatically be released from any active legal holds.