Yerra Solutions Partners with Nuix to Empower Corporate Trend to Bring eDiscovery Operations In-House Swiss-based company now offers embedded managed services driven by

Yerra Solutions AG, a global provider of innovative solutions for in-house legal, eDiscovery and intellectual property, today announced a strategic partnership with global technology company Nuix. Yerra has deployed the Nuix Engine in support of its managed services teams to enhance handling of large, complex datasets and speed processing time. Yerra is also providing consulting and configuration services to help new and existing Nuix clients optimize their use of the technology. The Yerra Managed Services for eDiscovery offering enables corporations to effectively bring eDiscovery in-house, giving them more control and visibility over this critically important process.

The Nuix Platform, combined with Yerra’s ability to bridge the gap between global legal and IT teams, empowers corporations to derive the benefits of bringing eDiscovery in-house while avoiding the traditional pitfalls of doing so. “Nuix brings the cutting-edge technology. Yerra brings the process expertise and the ability to communicate effectively with both corporate legal and IT” notes Mark Burgess, eDiscovery practice lead at Yerra.

“Utilizing Yerra resources embedded within organizations, in conjunction with Nuix, eliminates challenges caused by messages from the corporate client having to go through several layers of vendors before reaching the team actually running the technology. It is a perfect combination of people, process and technology.”

“Yerra’s knowledge of the local regulatory and eDiscovery landscapes around the globe, especially in Europe and Asia, make it an excellent partner for Nuix,” says Angela Bunting, vicepresident, eDiscovery at Nuix. “Our eDiscovery platform is ideally suited to the needs of the large, complex legal and IP departments that Yerra serves. We look forward to a productive and successful future collaboration.”

“Nuix is at the leading edge of innovation in eDiscovery technology and is focused on serving the needs of organizations with complex discovery needs that span borders and multiple data types,” notes Jerome Raguin, global chief operating officer at Yerra. “It is an ideal technology selection for us given how many different data sources and types our global clients must handle and how many cross-border issues they must navigate for a typical eDiscovery project.”

These services are offered to corporate clients in Europe, Southeast Asia, the UK and the US. Yerra is one of just two Nuix service partners in Switzerland and the only one in Singapore. Visit the Yerra listing on the Nuix partner directory to learn more. About Yerra Solutions Yerra serves the operational and technology needs of in-house legal, eDiscovery and intellectual property organizations.

The company’s offerings include consulting, managed services and technology solutions that drive operational efficiency and improved outcomes. Yerra is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices in the UK, US, Singapore and Poland. Learn more at

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