Legal IT Insider Guest Post: Who is Responsible for eDiscovery?

Yerra’s director of eDiscovery consulting Will Wilkinson looks at the rise of eDiscovery to become the vast industry we now recognise today in which corporate legal teams are increasingly taking control. He asks and answers the question, who owns eDiscovery?

Lawyer Monthly Legal Procurement Q&A with Laura Doyle

Laura Doyle of Yerra Solutions discusses the buying of legal services via traditional procurement processes with the editor of Lawyer Monthly. Read more to find out why legal procurement has become more popular in recent years and why more organisations are implementing legal procurement operations.

Robots running law firms? Surely not

Forget ‘Tesco’ law and legal aid cuts – the real threat to the status quo for lawyers might be more futuristic. Bill Mordan, senior vice-president and general counsel at FTSE 100 company RB (Reckitt Benckiser), sums up the legal profession’s relationship with technology perfectly. ‘Lawyers have always been behind the curve,’ he told the 2014 Yerra Solutions Annual Conference last week. ‘Technology solutions can make our lives a lot easier. But we’re in a profession that’s backward-looking.’

Top GC: IT can generate in-house jobs

Information technology can create in-house legal jobs and should not be perceived as a threat, the group general counsel of a FTSE 100 company said last week. Bill Mordan (pictured), senior vice-president and general counsel at RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser), said the firm’s ‘i-Legal’ system, which automated transactional aspects of the company’s legal work, enabled its 70 lawyers to demonstrate their value more effectively.


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