Document Assembly

Document Assembly & Contract Management

Document assembly is traditionally a sub-set and usually a feature of either a document management system (DMS) or a Contract Management System.

Some DMS provide the ability to easily create documents such as Non Disclosure Agreements, Letter of Understanding or more complex document (contract) based on the information maintained in the DMS or provided by the user.

On the other hand, advanced Document Assembly features are to be expected from all Contract Management system.

Document Assembly in Contract Management systems are often "Interview" based where a user defines the specifics of the contract (value, jurisdiction, products, special conditions etc) and the contract is automatically generated taking into account the appropriate permutation of options and applicable clauses and contract elements.


Document Assembly & Self-Service

Document assembly is also increasingly used in a more complex "self-service" environment where for example a user would go through a questionnaire and based on the answers, a piece of advice will be provided and relevant documents produced (for example relevant release form to be signed). In this scenario, Document Assembly verges on "Assembled opinion" based on the application of strict rules of logic.