Lex Connect Curated Reading List April 1, 2016

Lex Connect Curated Reading List



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The in-house Role in CSR

It is trite to say that the obligations of in-house legal departments and general counsel have expanded substantially in the last few decades. While initially seen as in-house lawyers, in-house counsel today have many roles and responsibilities that go beyond the conventional practise of the law.



Survey: Ediscovery Volume is still the #1 problem

Last week, ACEDS hosted a webinar sponsored by e-discovery consulting giant BDO to introduce the results of the BDO Inside E-Discovery Survey. The results of the survey indicate an industry in transition and facing great uncertainty about cross border discovery, new technology, and managing large volumes of data.

BDO’s 2015 Inside E-Discovery Survey is the second such survey, and targets leading in-house counsel to uncover their attitudes and approach to e-discovery. The survey was conducted by ALM’s marketing department and surveyed 140 senior in-house counsel at leading corporations throughout the U.S. to gain insight into corporate counsel’s assessment of factors and challenges in managing e-discovery.



Legaltech set to bail out  legal services

We all remember the horrors that followed the failure of the subprime. All of a sudden, we faced a collapse of the entire financial system. Surrounded by bankruptcy and devastation, even the optimists struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There was a bright side buried in the midst of all the chaos. Such intense crisis often leads to formidable change. We were compelled to wake up and examine the situation, and this happened in 2008/9. A reality check struck the public, and there was a general sense that the conventions we had so comfortably adopted were flawed.


Data Ethics Dilemma

Big data has changed our interaction with the world. What does it mean for ethics and privacy.



Ralph Losey of Jackson Lewis  LLP: eDiscovery Trends

Today’s thought leader is Ralph Losey. Ralph is an attorney in private practice with the law firm of Jackson Lewis, LLP, where he is a Shareholder and the firm’s National e-Discovery Counsel. Ralph is also a prolific author of eDiscovery books and articles, the principal author and publisher of the popular e-Discovery Team® Blog, founder and owner of an online training program, e-Discovery Team Training, with attorney and technical students all over the world, founder of the new Electronic Discovery Best Practices (EDBP) lawyer-centric work flow model.

​Ralph is also the publisher of and on predictive coding methods and applications.









Artificial Intelligence will not completely replace solicitors


The president of the Law Society has stated that artificial intelligence (AI) will not make the solicitor profession redundant, despite predictions that robot lawyers will dominate the legal services market in the decades to come.

Speaking on the second day of SJ Live 2016, Jonathan Smithers said: 'AI has become part of our lives. Its uses will become more complex and sophisticated.