Lex Connect Curated Reading List August 31, 2014

Lex Connect Curated Reading List


 With so much content available on-line, it is easy to miss the really good stuff. 

 Fear not, we have curated the best Legal Operations & Legal Technology blog and articles.
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Tiger in the Machine

For the very same reasons transformational change is effective, it is also dangerous: it risks big things. If you get it right, you’re the hero, delivering the next generation operating model or product; get it wrong and you’re the goat, miring your firm in months or years of hard labor only to fail. So when (and how) should you say “yes” to large scale, top down strategic redesign?



How Lawyers Get into Trouble with Technology

When it comes to using technology, it appears that common sense is a lot like Bigfoot. You hear people talk about it, but you don’t invest your own money looking for proof.






Virtual Intelligence | Knowledge sharing and KM in law firms

For both IKEA and Mannheimer Swartling, knowledge sharing as an organisational strategy to achieve an elite identity seems to be a successful approach. Both these companies have a culture of knowledge sharing by the apprentice model: education, training and job rotation and one of the most important fora for knowledge sharing is considered to be the face-to-face meetings, since knowledge is best shared in conversations and in interactions with others. 





Resistance is Futile: Why General Counsel Must Embrace Technology

The legal profession is steeped in tradition and history. In fact, the law itself tends to respond to contemporary problems by looking back, and legal professionals are no different. If we should believe stereotype – and many firsthand accounts – lawyers tend to resist change tooth and nail. After all, they were bred – and are handsomely remunerated – in an age-old institution that lauds ethics and intellect, not innovation and reinvention.





Lemonade, Snails.... And The Best Use Of Lawyers In The Boardroom

Amid the wave upon wave of financial penalties and litigation to hit publicly listed companies that have lost their way on fundamental issues of corporate governance, there is something new to think about: the role of lawyers in the boardroom. On this subject the transatlantic ‘pond’ reveals itself to be an ocean after all.





Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Defining Protocols for Legal and Compliance | Corruption, Crime & Compliance

There is a lot of truth in both of my references but it is time for CCOs and GCs to lay down the gloves and work together for the common good. In some ways, they are fighting over a very small piece of the pie; instead they should join forces and promote greater corporate influence. After all, they are arguing for much the same thing – senior leadership commitment to legal and ethical compliance. They both need each other and the sooner they realize that the better.




Making Arrangement: an overview of Alternative Fees Arrangements

Time is an attorney's stock in trade." - Abraham Lincoln

Although Lincoln'statement has long been quoted by those justifying the billable hour. It is not likely that this famous lawyer ever filled out a time sheet. The billable hour had yet to be invented, nor were there legal billing auditors to question the honesty of Honest Abe.

The Evolution of Lawyers and What the Future Holds

Legal experts have existed in various forms at least since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. What started out as an unregulated group of advocates, orators, and policymakers has come a long way to becoming the modern profession we call lawyering. But what will the future hold? Where is the legal industry headed? What role will lawyers play in the future? This post looks at the evolution of lawyers from past to present, and on into the future.