Lex Connect Curated Reading List June 16, 2014

Lex Connect Curated Reading List


 With so much content available on-line, it is easy to miss the really good stuff. 

 Fear not, we have curated the best Legal Operations & Legal Technology blog and articles.
 Enjoy your 30 minutes power reading.


2014 ACC Value Champions: Tranforming The Corporate Legal Function to Drive Value

The nominations received for the 2014 Value Challenge reveal an evolution that's taken place over just three years: Whereas value-based fee arrangements were front and center during the first year of our program, they are now part of comprehensive approach that reflects a ground-level cultural change in the in-house practice of law.


5 Steps to Tapping Into Your Tacit Knowledge

“While tacit knowledge appears to be simple, in fact it has wide-reaching consequences but is not widely understood.” Indeed. And in that simple sentence, billions of dollars in multiple industries are squandered every week.





The Great Disruption: How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services

This Article argues that machines are coming to disrupt the legal profession and that bar regulation cannot stop them. Part I describes the relentless growth of computer power in hardware, software, and data collection capacity. 





Innovating at the core

By 2009, many in-house teams were running their functions with a clear focus on value. For most, this meant cutting down the number of external advisers, their fees and simply deriving more services and products from them.





Why the Compliance Function is Different Than the Legal Function

It was on this day, 60 years ago in 1954 that Joseph Welch, then Special Counsel to the US Army, unmasked Senator Joseph McCarthy for what he and his hearings into communism were.




Selecting law firms to propose on your work

Because everything law firms do is affected by their competition; their fees, their service mix, their client care and all other elements that make up the competitive profile of a specific law firm.




 E-Discovery in Government Investigations-and Criminal Litigation

Electronically stored information (“ESI”), for clients, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, continues to grow into a tsunami of cost, challenges, and complexity – with little clear guidance from courts and none from the rules. 



Maximizing Your Corporate Edge: Legal as a Driver of Competitive Advantage

Leading-edge legal teams are showing that there is an opportunity for the legal department to move beyond the role of "efficient helper" to a role as "the castle builder": the architect of durable competitive advantage for the enterprise. Mitratech has the privilege of working with many corporate legal departments.



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