Lex Connect Curated Reading List April 1

Lex Connect Curated Reading List


 With so much content available on-line, it is easy to miss the really good stuff. 

 Fear not, we have curated the best Legal Operations & Legal Technology blog and articles.
 Enjoy your 30 minutes power reading.


Infographic Friday: The Case Against Billable Hours

Data suggests that smaller firms are more inclined to structure alternative fee arrangements (AFA) than larger firms. 

However, as so often in law, such assertions –  even data driven assertions – are not always so cut and dry. Whether that’s true or not might be better answered by saying, “It depends.”

What took them (clients) so long?

A recent article in Inside Counsel magazine, Boston corporations demand changes in law firm billing, declares in its subhead that "A major shift is taking place in Boston’s legal industry as more corporations shop for legal services based on price, not brand."What took them so long?




Today’s General Counsel Conference in eDiscovery 

This highly interactive colloquium will provide a deep understanding and practical advice regarding major e-discovery challenges facing organizations today. This program introduces a NEW type of e-discovery event


The trouble with in-house lawyers

The in-house lawyer has become a mainstay of the head office support infrastructure. Alongside Finance, Marketing, HR, Audit and Facilities Management, the in-house legal team is part of the predictable fabric of corporate and public sector overhead.



A time of Unprecedented Innovation in Legal Technology

I am convinced that I have never before seen a time of such intense and creative innovation in legal  technology. However, it is not LegalTech that has me thinking that; rather, it is a legal-tech sideshow that coincided with it called ReInvent Law NYC.

Ediscovery Trends: Whatever happened to structured data

A few years ago there was much interest in the e-discovery of `structured data’.
Putting aside some definitional issues, structured data means databases of all kinds 




The Inversion of Knowledge

Knowledge management was, in its early years, largely a top-down enterprise.

Driven by a concern that corporate knowledge repositories would quickly fill up with inaccurate, useless junk without rigid quality review, organizations created small priesthoods of knowledge administrators responsible for virtually all authoring.




Litigation: Effective use of Early case assesment 

Legal spend on litigation, through both indemnity and defense dollars, is constantly scrutinized by management. When approaching in-house legal on the topic, they often ask, “How do we manage these numbers better?” or “How do we get these numbers down without sacrificing results?” Development and consistent implementation of an early case assessment protocol is a solution that can be part of the answer to both questions. 





Ethics and Compliance top of minds for GC's

“I sleep like a baby, meaning I wake up every night screaming and crying.”

Those were the words of Larry Thompson, EVP. Government Affairs, GC and Corporate Secretary, PepsiCo., as he discussed the weight of ethics and compliance on the head of a general counsel at the opening session of the sixth annual Global Ethics Summit.



Reinventing the Law Department: Building a World Class Legal Operations Function

We asked several of Huron Legal’s managing directors and senior directors about law department management trends for 2014
Following are some of the challenges and solutions law departments will be looking at in 2014.



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