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Key Takeaways on the 11th Edition of Nice Classifications

Every year the World Intellectual Property Organization looks to update the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services for trademarks and this coming January is no different.


30 eDiscovery Best Practices from Judges, Attorneys, Law Professors, and Data Experts

In the spirit of keeping this sense of community alive, Exterro put together a new e-book, 30 eDiscovery Day Highlights and Best Practices, a quick overview of takeaways from the events on December 1st. Here are a few highlights:


The Top Twenty-Two Most Interesting eDiscovery Opinions of 2016

We provide an analysis and key quotes of each, lessons learned and, where appropriate, practice pointers. We also explain why we find these opinions interesting.


Survey Finds 55% of Law Firms Outsource Some or All of eDiscovery Functions

More than 7 in 10 legal administrators say that funds from their firms’ operations budget must be allocated to activities related to electronic discovery, and more than half are investing in outsourcing some or all of their eDiscovery functions, according to the 2016 Report on Trends Impacting the Legal Industry.


Legal Tech Trends

Technology will continue to shape and change the legal landscape, making it easier for lawyers to be more mobile, collaborative and responsive.


Thoughtful Law Blog 2017 Predictions

In this first installment of the predictions for 2017, we have predictions from:

Colin Rule
André Coetzee
Ross Fishman
Bob Denney
Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Smart Digitization: The New Frontier

Digitization is driving each of us across all industries to make dramatic changes to how we approach customers, products, services, and the always-on, real-time information rich marketplace. This race to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities created by the connected world could lead to overlooking one key element—Security.


Another State Adopts Duty of Technology Competence; Makes it 26

As this blog continues to follow the states that adopt the duty of technology competence for lawyers, there is another to add: Colorado.

That brings to 26 the number of states that have adopted some version of Comment 8 to ABA Model Rule 1.1.


How to Improve Your Corporate Compliance Program

Compliance programs have grown substantially in the past decade but often separately from core business operations; to make sure they're used correctly they need to be embedded into day-to-day workflows.

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