Lex Connect Curated Reading List November 15, 2015

Lex Connect Curated Reading List



 With so much content available on-line, it is easy to miss the really good stuff. 

 Fear not, we have curated the best Legal Operations & Legal Technology blog and articles.
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Law firm bosses envisions Watson-type computers replacing lawyers

Shakespeare interpretations aside, it seems that artificial intelligence is on its way to, well, killing off lawyers. That's according to a recent survey (PDF) of law firm leaders who say that within 10 years, new attorneys and paralegals could be replaced by an IBM Watson-like computer. The study, which included responses from high-ranking lawyers at 320 firms with at least 50 lawyers on staff, found that 35 percent of the top brass at responding law firms envision replacing first-year associates with some type of AI in the coming decade. Less than 25 percent of respondents gave the same answer in a similar survey in 2011. 

In-house counsel reveals global trends

 This year’s ACC Global Census Report highlights complying with privacy, cyber-security and corruption laws as the biggest challenges for in-house lawyers, while also noting a significant rise in female respondents.

GCS know how lazy you are - Here's how they figured you out

Resting in the center of the panopticon of the legal world are the big-ticket clients who pore over every bill and second-guess every charge. There was a time when Biglaw could easily convince its clients to pony up nearly any expense for the privilege of even the limited attention of its partners, but budget pressure and technological advances have transformed in-house counsel into eagle-eyed enforcers. Ever wonder why work is shifting from Biglaw to lower-cost alternatives?
Well, because your clients have figured out how lazy you are.


Blue chip clients: cutting-edge tech will reshape law in five years as more jobs taken by intelligent machines

In-house lawyers have been notoriously slow to embrace the tech-backed delivery of legal services, but Legal Business research drawing on responses from more than 600 global clients shows many believe technology will transform the way they work.







2015 GRC Innovation Awards: Technical Innovations



The fourth annual GRC Innovation Awards recognize GRC solutions that are revolutionizing the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) market. Thirty-three awards are given this year  out of 119 applicants across fifteen GRC solution categories. 



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