Lex Connect Curated Reading List October 30, 2015

Lex Connect Curated Reading List



 With so much content available on-line, it is easy to miss the really good stuff. 

 Fear not, we have curated the best Legal Operations & Legal Technology blog and articles.
 Enjoy your 30 minutes power reading.



The state of the art of technology circa 2015

Over the past few years, tech has entered the legal sphere. Courtrooms finally digitize and more and more legal tech systems enter the market. The CodeX FutureLaw Conference 2015, held on April 30, discussed the future of legal tech with a more academic approach. One of the most interesting speeches was given by Professor Oliver Goodenough. He spent the last six months as a visiting scholar at the Stanford’s CodeX Center for Legal Informatics studying legal tech and innovation. Goodenough talked about the state of the art of legal technology circa 2015. IUS&VITA gives a brief overview of his speech.

Denton invests in pre-artificial intelligence for lawyers

Detons has announced today that its collaborative innovation platform, NextLaw Labs, has signed two deals that will enable it to leverage IBM technology.

In a deal with its first portfolio company, ROSS Intelligence, NextLaw Labs is developing a legal advisor app powered by IBM Watson.

Innovation Has Failed Big law, Legal Ops Can help

New Law,” “Paradigm Shift” and the “New Normal.” All describe the morphing landscape of the legal profession as law firms and professions adapt, for the first time in more than 100 years, to unprecedented market change.Legal service providers and their clients are experimenting with new agreements, pricing schemes and staffing measures as they strive to innovate the modern practice of law.

2015 ACC Legal Census: A Profile of In-House Counsel

From the Association of Corporate Counsel, "Between March and May 2015, the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) conducted a census study to profile the corporate, in-house legal profession. In total, 5,012 in-house counsel from 73 countries participated in the survey.


Will there be a new deal for the legal profession?

For those interested in the New Normal in law, there has been no more prolific or significant thinker in this field than Richard Susskind. Richard has long been the leading analyst and visionary around how law and legal services are changing and will change with technology.



BT's Legal Tranformation

Chris Fowler, General Counsel UK Commercial of BT Legal, speaks about transforming BT Legal’s approach to delivering legal services.

At BT our business has had to address the same challenges and exploit the opportunities that the legal industry as a whole is grappling with today.



 Legal Practice and Legal Delivery: An Important Distinction



Lawyers parse words and define terms. So why do they so often use “legal practice” and “legal delivery” interchangeably when the terms have such different meanings and implications? This distinction is especially important in the context of the tectonic shift occurring in the legal vertical. The practice of law is very different than the delivery of law. This is more than a semantic distinction.



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